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Disaster Relief and Recovery

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Our system is in a unique position to provide assistance prior, during and after natural disasters. Because we have such a large distribution network, we can deliver necessities to some communities that are not easily accessible. We feel fortunate to be able to help those in dire need, from providing their specific  needs to using our delivery vehicles for aid distribution and associate volunteerism.

Rescue Equipments

Although not all of our customers work in these fields, the equipment that we have developed for these areas provides effective solutions?to rescue and protection problems in all areas of industry. We continue to provide equipment to all of industries we service with innovative product developments that help you – our customers – Stay Safe.


Emergency Packs & Survival Kits

Proper preparation for emergencies or disasters is the key to survival.These complete kits contain all the essential items, including temporary shelter, utensils, tools, ready to eat meals, signaling devices, radio, water, purifying tablets and a survival manual.

Designed to provide relief during disasters, these kits are equally suitable in the wilderness for campers and hikers.